“Control access system” program apparatus complex (PAC CAS)

“Control access system” program apparatus complex (PAC CAS) is system that provides control and management of access to different security level objects.

PAC CAS meets modern requirements and particularly provides: 

  1. high level of reliability and security;
  2. automation of access management process;
  3. centralized system administration;
  4. system flexibility and adaptedness depending on assigned tasks, using conditions and et-

PAC CAS is installed inside definitive premises (hereinafter – zones) and provides carrying out following functions:

  • formation of database of persons who have access to definitive zone. Personal information and face identifiers (finger prints), of persons who are delivered with zone access right, are inputted to database;
  • submission of checkpoint (hereinafter – object) passage right and access to zone only entitled persons who have appropriate status in database;
  • receiving operative information in regard to current state of PAC CAS;
  • receiving messages about errors, soft failure and other abnormal situations;
  • saving of data about interaction between person and object specifying event time;
  • receiving statistics in regard to objects using;
  • receiving operative information about presence of persons in zones.

National software (NSW) is designed to install to integrated circuit (CHIP) of document for operating support.