Information System “Secured Data Registry”

Information System “Secured Data Registry” – highly reliable
diversified multi-user system,  which enables to provide high data security level in accordance with governmental standards and legislation both at their input into registry on remote dashboards, as well as the organisation of access to data (at different access levels).

In order to ensure control over the integrity of the data logging of all actions carried out with all the data. Ability to integrate with any other automated systems implemented by the respective secure protocols.

Key components  of IS “Secured Data Registry” are:

  • Subsystem of Administration and enrollment of users (registrars), that provides included logging of operations in the System and at Workstations;
  • Subsystem of data enrollment and access – Registrar Workstation;
  • Subsystem of Data processing: classification, systematization, storage and archiving the data;
  • Subsystem of reports, analysis and statistics;
  • Subsystem of access to public (open) data via Web, API;
  • Means of data security, certification in respect with Ukraine legislation: cryptography libraries, EDS, ACA.

Also the list of services includes the development of an optimal system architecture and the purchase of equipment, user training, support and maintenance of the system.

Information System “Secured Data Registry” is successfully integrated with different automated systems and appears as they integral component, by granting high level of data security: