Press Center

“The strength of the word unlimited. Successful word often was enough to stop the army fled, turn defeat into victory and save the country “, – Emil Girardin.

Dear colleagues!

Press Service of “UnIT” always open to dialogue with the mass media.

As one of the leaders of the IT-market of Ukraine, representatives of companies can professionally evaluate any change it to predict the future dynamics of the segment, as well as the prospects of development of a business model.

We will be happy to provide you with high-quality and timely information, share views and expert evaluation in the field of IT-industry and e-commerce in our country.

On the organization of interviews, comments of the management board of “UnIT”, as well as to provide timely information about the company, please contact the press center.

Contact person – Tatiana Kladina (Press Secretary)

Tel. 044 591 19 85 (ext. 150)