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Feedback from staff on the Company

Career and professional growth in “UnIT” – complementary conditions. Promoting the career ladder depends only on objective factors: continuous development of professional knowledge and skills, recognition by colleagues and supervisors, as well as on the willingness and readiness of employees to take responsibility and solve the problem of a new level.

The versatility of the company’s projects provides an excellent opportunity to try themselves in a higher position on the project (in the role of chief specialist, project manager)

We know that the success of the company depends on the contribution of each of its employees.

We strive to create a cohesive team of professionals and are continually improving the conditions for its effective and comfortable work. In addition to providing competitive working conditions, we listen to the views of each other and implement the measures that are supported by our team.

Each business direction of “UnIT” are professionals with experience and are experts in the field of IT technologies.

We care about our employees and do our best for their professional growth, create all conditions for comfortable and efficient operation.

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DSC_0149 Ольга Майко

Olga Maiko, supervisor  of Plategka.com project

“A good company to start a professional career or continue their development in the field of IT-technologies. Interesting projects, friendly climate within the team and a real opportunity to use their own ideas and experience in the work. If you are ambitious, ideological, full of strength and desire to create “electronic” society with us, welcome to our team! ”


IMG_Артем НеповекаArtem Nepoveka, specialist technical and cryptographic protection of information

“I work for a company for more than 3 years. During this time I managed to take part in more than ten different projects: from the development and certification of own means of information protection to the design and implementation of solutions to ensure information security for our customers. The company is very dynamic and constantly evolving, it is taking part in a variety of innovative projects. This enables continuous professional development for staff. ”


IMG_4261 Юлия СпасибоваYulia Spasibova, administrator of “Kievan Card”

“Project “Kievan Card” for me is an opportunity to take part in the creation of innovative products aimed at improving the lives of people here and now. The scope of IT is very dynamic. By working with professionals, I am constantly developing and learning new things. For me the really important work with meaning: to see and be able to estimate the product of my own activities.”


DSC_2907 Мария Сундучкова

Maria Sunduchkova, system analytic

“In “UnIT” I have been working for 2 years. During this time, our friendly team has developed and implemented a lot of interesting, diverse and necessary projects. It was written many technical, analytical and operational documentation on which whole department of system analytics work. Overall work boils in all departments and projects and tasks allowing raising the professional level. I also like that the company deals with governmental orders, because it make me feel the involvement in positive changes in our country.”


Марина Майберова

Marina Mayberova, project manager of Plategka.com.

“For a long time working in the” UnIT “. I like the attitude to the staff, established feedback from the leadership which hear new ideas, suggestions, and meet halfway. It is very important!
The company provides everything is needed to staff and provides many opportunities: to make dignity; implement and develop careers; work with professionals; to be involved in big  interesting projects. We have a very, very friendly staff, so friendly that the name “collective” will not fit, we – one big family. Perhaps that is why the Company is no “turnover” of personnel, and that says a lot. I was lucky to work in a friendly team of like-minded and have a priceless experience!


DSC_0438_Виталик МухиннVitaliy Mukhіn, Web Developer

I work in the “UnIT” for more than five years and satisfied. I do not have claims to the company: job interesting (not sites riveting), ambitious projects, work with interesting devices. Attitude to the personnel – on a level.  I had to work in several large and small companies, so I have something to compare. I like it here)


Ksenia Sirotyuk Manager of Administration

The merge of excellent professionals and good people at the same time in the same team not just so easy to make. I think this is the main component of success. When a person is “cheer” on the project, for what he do, and not just doing routine work. Here you have the opportunity to develop, to grow, to improve as a professional and as a person. Therefore, the company never stands still and is developing dynamically. I think every one of us is proud to be part of the “UnIT” team.


Максим Васильев

Maxim Vasiliev, manager of foreign trade activities

In the course of its cooperation with the company “UnIT” (over 3 years), I have repeatedly convinced of the reliability of its business standing.

It should be noted that throughout its history, the company strives to keep pace with the time and introduce cutting-edge technology in its developments.

A distinctive feature of the company is its flexibility, professionalism, mobility in solving technical problems, initiative and a democratic approach in relation to the employees.
The variety of tasks performed by the company allows its employees to gain experience in many areas, which in turn provides the extension of purview and knowledge.
The main principle of the company – “There are no hopeless situations!” And I like it.