Electronic ticket

The automated system “E-ticket” has the following functions:

  •     The creation and storage of electronic travel documents;
  •     Automation of document exchange process;
  •     Fiscalization of electronic travel documents;
  •     Sale and return travel documents through electronic delivery channels;
  •     Connection agency networks for the sale of travel documents;
  •     Using a mobile terminal control documents (MTDС) for passenger boarding a train
  •     Management reporting systems, statistics and monitoring of sales and use of travel documents;
  •     On-line access to the database 24/7/365.

System components:

Processing complex consists TK following software products:

  •     Application server – creates an electronic ticket, and provides interoperability between all system elements;
  •     The automated passenger traffic management system – provides data on train schedules, fares, subject to availability;
  •     Fiscal server – software and hardware, the main function of which is, tax accounting, sales and refunds of electronic tickets;
  •     Commerce and payment clearing system – supports technical interaction between the electronic channels of realization and   systems;
  •     Archive of electronic documents – provides storage of electronic travel documents
  •     Mobile Server document control terminals -provides MTKD interaction between devices and other elements of the Processing sector;

Electronic service channels

Technical solutions that allow passengers to obtain information for trip planning, selection and payment of travel documents, obtaining accounting or number of documents via the Internet, self-service terminals, offices, banks, post office, agent networks and so forth.

Reports AWS

Workstation that allows  to receive on-line reports and statistics for all transactions that are carried out within the system.

Mobile terminals of documents control

Multifunctional portable device to check e-tickets when passenger boarding the train by reading the QR-code, applied for a ticket. Its main function is to control the use of the electronic ticket. Also, this device is used as a tool to guide the organization of travel and passenger service.

Electronic ticket is:

  • Electronic documents;
  • Freight contract;
  • Insurance contract;
  • Boarding document;
  • Accounting documents.

The system Electronic ticket makes it possible for passengers:

  • Get help information about the train schedule by means of Internet sites, self-service terminals, mobile applications, ticket offices;
  • Choose a seat in the train and additional services;
  • Pay for travel documents by means of the Internet using bank cards of international payment systems, the National system of mass electronic payments (hereinafter – NSMEP), electronic money, cash terminals and ticket offices;
  • Get tickets by e-mail, print or save as an image in your smartphone;
  • Reserve a place via the Internet with their subsequent buying out;
  • Carry out boarding without requiring with ticket office;
  • Give an account the trip to the accounts department as a boarding document is a report document;
  • Enterprise’s accounts department has the opportunity to check the legitimacy of the e-ticket through the official website of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”;
  • Carry out a return e-ticket online via the Internet with an automatic return of funds for the payment card.

E-Ticket system provides:

  • A help routine;
  • Opportunite to choose seats on the scheme of the train carriage;
  • Opportunite to pay for tickets through the system connected to acquirer banks, electronic payment systems;
  • Obligatory to apply on an e-ticket electronic digital signature;
  • Storage of electronic tickets in the archive of electronic documents;
  • Accounting for all financial transactions through implementation of specialized payment transactions online, and sending reports to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine;
  • Accounting for all operations using the processing system;
  • Online cheking of electronic tickets when boarding passengers using mobile terminals of documents control.