Company profile

“Be the change you want to see in the world”, – M.Gandhi

LLC “Universal Information Technologies” (UnIT) – a company that develops dynamically. The rapid pace of development has been made possible thanks to the professional leadership team of highly qualified and enthusiastic atmosphere. The purpose of the company was to develop a software product “Universal Information System”, which is a unified  centralized storage, protection, processing and access to information.

The company’s mission – to create universal software covering all areas of life, and increasing social standards, improve the quality of life in general.

Our advantages:

  • We are notstop on achieved butprecipitouslymoving forward, so, at creation ofsoftware products, we useonly the uniqueadvanced technologiesand development tools.
  • The company has operating licenses for thetechnicalandcryptographicprotection of informationState Special Communications Service of Ukraine.
  • The qualification of ouremployeesis confirmedby appropriate certificatesof software- manufacturers -Microsoft®, Oracle®, SAP®,Galactica.
  • Our software productshave passedthe state examination, which is confirmed byexpert opinionsState Special Communication Serviceof Ukraine. The company’s productsintroducedin the state bodiesof the executiveand legislative authoritiesin various areas- fromfinancial management andup with thepersonnel department.
  • The company haslicensedrights forimplementation of(revision) products and integrated solutions from othersoftware vendors, which are our

“UnIT” company is included in the official register of developers and software vendors of Ukraine. All software products are registered and have the appropriate certificates copyright and passed the state examination, which is confirmed by the relevant expert opinions of State Special Communication Service of Ukraine. It gives the right to implement them in state and commercial institutions, by using own software and hardware equipment.

The process of software development, implementation, and customer service – are standardized and certified according to international standard «ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System. Requirements. ”

In the development of software products, we use the world’s leading technology. Our partners are: Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, Visa, SysNet, Fortinet, and others.

Our achievements:

Completed projects – ARE UNIQUE IT-SOLUTIONS.

The implementation of each project – it is our history. History of success and development!

The starting point for each of them is the attitude of the company to his country and to every Ukrainian and is in the following two values: social responsibility towards society and the desire to improve the quality of life and the introduction of European standards. We invest in the development of Ukraine’s economy and increase of social standards through the creation and implementation of electronic software products. Each of them is aimed at optimizing the management of all processes in the country and constructing a model of e-democracy, ensures the safety of information and national security, as well as the most comfortable service of citizens in various spheres of life. Such services have already been introduced in all the leading countries of the world.