ID card

ID card is a biometric document (with electronic media carrier). It allows you to accurately identify an individual. It is made in the form of a plastic card that contains a contact-less electronic media – chip with the data of owner.

Chip records the information found on the data page of the document, the biometric data, the parameters of person, as well as data for the protection of information in accordance with the recommendations of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

The developers provided the possibility of adding functions of electronic digital signature, which allows you to identify a person in a variety of public and private online services, it is effectively used in the world of e-governance.

Manufacturing and control system of biometric documents consists of the following complexes, which may interact via telecommunication channels:

  • Complex for registration and issuance;
  • Complex of data processing center;
  • Complex for documents control.

Software products for the manufacturing of ID cards: