Registry of Kiev citizens – Kievan Card cardholders

Unified registry of “Kievan Card” cardholders – municipal information resource which appears as conjunction of data bases that contain personal data of citizens, who have applied with all necessary documents for registration, issuance and accounting of “Kievan Card” and are cardholders.

Unified registry provides:

  • Collection and transfer of information into electronic data which concerns registration process, issuance and accounting of “Kievan Card”
  • Accounting, systematization and storage of information

Unified registry of cardholders is based on ITS “Kievan Card” on the basis of logical connection between data bases of district Kiev administration offices, Department of Social policy of  executive body of Kiev city council (Kiev City State Administration), banks – particiapnts of “Kievan Card” project and is located in the Kiev processing center, created on the basis of municipal enterprise “Main Information Computing Center”.

Unified registry includes next data:

  • General information about the holders of “Kievan Card”, indicating: surname, name and patronymic; date, month, year of birth; the registration number of the registration card of thetaxes payer (except persons who, by their religious beliefs refuse to accept the registration number of the taxpayer’s registration card and reported it officially responsible supervisory authority and have the stamp in the passport); address of the registered place of residence; passport details, privileged identity, but in his absence the details of the document confirming the right to receive “Card from Kiev”, other information about the person, with its consent;
  • Information about the benefits, bonuses, compensation in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and acts of the Kyiv City Council.

Information security in ITS “Kievan Card” is provided in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of protection of information and personal data.