Key Certification Authority (CA) is designed to generate, issue and further service the private key and public key certificates, relevant to ICAO Standards, as well as to provide a fixed time services.

Issued by this CA keys allow persons who have ordered and received them, apply digital signatures to documents, thus confirming the immutability and the integrity of the information stored in them.

CA performs the following functions:

  • Collection of applications for electronic digital signatures (EDS);
  • The generation of the private key and certificate of formation;
  • Formation of the certificate revocation list (CRL)
  • Accommodation lists of revoked and issued certificates on CSK website;
  • check the status of public key certificates;
  • Formation of the creation timestamp issued certificates;
  • Issuance of users private keys and certificates;
  • Interaction with the Public Key Directory (PKD) of ICAO.