School Card

School Card is a contactless student pass to school, subway and ground public transport ticket, as well as identification to receive free meals at school or their payment as a normal bank card, which is tied to the Social Card of parents.
Social Card has all the functionality as the Social Card, as well as additional features.

Functionality of School Card:

  • School Access Control System:

– Informing parents of student about the passes through the turnstile of the institution;
– The ability to generate statistics and attendance reports school administration;

  • Transport:

– Provision of travel privilege to student, as well as the ability to view by student parents statistics of travels on public transport;
– Tool for the city authorities reporting to the budgetary compensation privileged school trips in public transport;

  • Food:

– Ability to view the student parents (in the personal dashboard on the website of the Social Card) information about purchases in the cafeteria;
-Provide Reduced price meals in the dining room, according to the privileged categories of student;
– Tool for the city authorities for budgetary compensation reduced price meals.

  • Students Page:

– Access to textbooks, abstracts, methodological materials, the possibility of conducting an electronic diary, posting and viewing of video and audio materials, viewing school page on the Internet, distance learning.-