Photo Quality Control Module in accordance with ICAO recommendations

Photo quality control module designed for automated image analysis for compliance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and performs the following functions:

  • Reading the data of the selected graphic file * jpeg or * .gif format;
  • Calculation of characteristic parameters that provide information about the general properties of the image (luminance, contrast, etc.) for the selected image file;
  • Implementation of object search – face recognition and its components on the selected image file;
  • Calculation of the parameters imposed by the graphic elements for the selected image file;
  • Establishment of image compliance (or – non-compliance) to ICAO requirements on the basis of the parameters and metrics are developed;
  • Return of responses information on the result of processing. If the photo does not meet the requirements the response note will contain probable cause of non-compliance.

Module allows to:

  • Automate the processes associated with the evaluation of the image;
  • Increase the accuracy of the estimation and minimize the subjective factor;
  • Reduce resource consumption and improve the performance of evaluation process.