Software and technical complex of traffic encryption system “SecurityLine”

Software and hardware complex for traffic encrypting «Security Line» is designed to protect the information circulating in automated information systems between the client and server networking software from privacy threats in the process of handling by users.

The main purpose of «SecurityLine»:

  • Creation and maintenance of user accounts;
  • The formation and maintenance of administrator accounts;
  • Protecting information from the breach of its confidentiality by encrypting the data being transmitted.

 «SecurityLine» contains software components that implement:

  • The functionality of the software system – server part, which consists of individual modules;
  • The functionality for the user – the client part, which is provided to each user as a web-page.

Server and client side of «SecurityLine» interact (communicate) via the Internet or local area network.

The functions implemented in «SecurityLine»:

  • Keeping users’ credentials (creation, storage, backup, edit, delete);
  • Manage user accounts (lock, delete, recovery);
  • Management of key information;
  • User authentication systems;
  • Encryption / decryption of data.