Specialized software for realization of access control mechanism to ID-card CLEM

Specialized software (hereinafter – SW) for realization of access control to ID-card Contactless Electronic Media (hereinafter – CLEM) designed for:

  • Authentication and constancy of recorded data on ID-card CLEM;
  • Read data from the ID-card CLEM;
  • Further verification of received data.

SW need to be installed on PC and carry out following functions:

  • Interaction with document reader Dermalog XF9e;
  • Authorization of CLEM via PACE protocol by using the selected authentication mechanism: MRZ or CAN;
  • Reading and verification of Security Object Data (SOD) and Digital signature, which is applied on data groups, stored on CLEM;
  • Identification of ID-card owner by his personal key and certificate, generated according to ІСАО Doc 9303, access to which is secured by РАСЕ with PIN-code 1;
  • Reading of personal and biometric data, stored on CLEM;
  • Recording of variable information in recordable data groups;
  • Change of PIN-code 1 and PIN-code.