“Kievan card”

“Kievan card” is a ready solution for the creation and integration of electronic SOCIAL DOCUMENT.

«Kievan card» is a feature-rich solution for electronic identification documents, with which one can receive public and commercial services online.

Card offers identification of the person with the release of welfare beneficiaries, which allows the state to provide targeted aid to these people and to enjoy certain privileges.

“Kievan card” is a universal ID for use of electronic services, including “e – petition”, “e-prescriptions”, “Electronic pupils’”, “Electronic students’”, “electronic medical record”, etc.

Also, developers have created a protocol that allows the identification of the person and, if necessary, to pass authentication using the “Kievan card” in any public or business resource.

Software of the electronic social document provides an opportunity quickly expand the infrastructure of reception and use in any city, institution, professional community.

The architecture of information and telecommunications system “Kievan card” consists of:

  • One register of Kievan cards’ holders that contains cardholder data;
  • Individual modules (transport, health, trade, education, culture, housing and communal services, administrative services) that provide services corresponding to the module, and loyalty programs.

Information and Telecommunication System for Social card consists of:

  • Web site with access to the personal dashboard for a wide range of services;
  • Urban Social processing center (application server, database server, web server) for the processing of social non-financial transactions, certified for compliance with complex information protection system;
  • Workstation of social protection institutions for users and management compensation and benefits, provisions on state and local laws;
  • Workstation bank space for the exchange of data with the social processing company;
  • Workstation retailers to create and manage loyalty programs;
  • Implementation-vehicle applications on the Mifare card and its integration at the logical level with the identification processing of the application in the social purpose of accumulation personalized statistics on concessional and against compensation, travel on public transport and the subsequent communication with the urban transport processing company;
  • Cryptographic Channel encryption library sharing between partners and urban social processing company;
  • Special cryptographically secure ID applications for smart cards, providing user authentication;
  • Registry of Kiev citizens – Kievan Card cardholders;
  • Software for the identification application: Read the information and communication with the processing center;
  • Functional online authentication with the card on the basis of standard OAuth2 and subsequent access to the production of urban and government administrative services online;
  • Administration module – statistics and analytics;
  • Technical support of users and partners

Technical Advantages:

  • Unique social processing center, which provides processing, transmission and storage of personal data protected residents. With a wide range of processing API, there is a fast connection tool and then exchange data with all partners and registries: banks, urban and public services, hospitals, pharmacies, etc .;
  • Formation of social Registry residents – card holders, including those not registered in the city, but working or studying in the city;
  • The introduction of targeted delivery and monitoring of benefits to the city, the subsequent accumulation of statistics and analysis;
  • Implement a mechanism to provide and account Free electronic transport tickets to the city;
  • Development and implementation of technologies categorized listing of material assistance, allowances, pensions, etc. residents of the city on their cards depending on the social category;
  • Implementation of online authentication mechanism for state, municipal and commercial services.