Document personalization

Hardware-software complex of document personalization is designed for data recording on the electronic data storage device, as well as for verification of the electronic media, quality control and integrity of the document. Quality control software allows performing a full check of the document holder’s personal data by comparing the data that are read from the electronic media, with data that are plotted graphically.

Hardware – software complex consists of the following elements:

  • hardware and software cpmplex of personalization;
  • software package of;
  • software quality control.

 Hardware-software complex of personalization performs the following functions:

  • installation of the operating system on electronic data storage device of the document;
  • recording of personal and biometric data of the document’s bearer;
  • creation and applying a digital signature to the personal data, stored on the data storage device of the document.

The software package for verification fulfills a function of the verification of electronic media by organizing a session of base identification