IDReaderUA Software

IDReaderUA Software (hereinafter referred to as “Software”) is intended for reading information from identification documents with a contactless electronic medium, namely:

  • Reading data from themedia ofID-card, passport of a citizen to travel abroad, residence permit, temporary residence permit, crew member’s certificate;
  • Storage of readableinformation for further automated processing;
  • Printing of the readable information.

The software is installed on the PC and performs the following functions:

  • interaction with ID-card readers (showing of the list of readers connected to the PC and ready-to-work – for which drivers are installed);
  • Establishing the PACE session on the basis of the CAN input;
  • Setting up a RACE session based on the input PIN;
  • Setting the BAC session based on the input data of the machine-readable zone;
    • Reading personal and biometric data recorded on the CEM of ID card;
  • Displaying all records of the place of registration and change of family status (if there are EDS certificates, it is possible to check the official who made the changes);
  • Selection and copying of the owner’s personal data;
  • Uploading owner data to .xml or .csv files;
  • Printing of the uploaded owner data;
  • Uploading/ removingroot certificates for ID-card verification;
  • Integrity check (using the electronic digital signature (EDS) of the publisher)of uploaded owner data;
  • Checking the information about the publisher of the document and its EDS.

Hardware and software requirements:
• Personal computer (with parameters not lower than: RAM of at least 2 GB; external interface 2xUSB 2.0).

  • Contactlessdocument reader supporting ISO 14443 (A / B).
  • Windows 7 or higher.
  • .Net Framework 4.6 or higher.