Certification Authority (CA) “Keycenter”

Key certification center or Certification Authority (CA) «Key center» is designed to generate, issue and further maintenance of private keys and strengthened public-key certificates corresponding to the state standards of Ukraine, as well as to provide a fixed time services.


Digital signature verified with the use of enhanced public-key certificates, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, is equivalent to a handwritten signature (Print) that allows electronic documents.

CA “Keycenter” ensures the implementation of such functions related to:

  1. Maintenance of public key certificate (hereinafter – certificate) of user and include:
  • registration of users;
  • certification of user’s public key;
  • distribution of certificates;
  • manage the status of the certificates and the dissemination of information on the status of the certificates;

2. Provision of fixed time services associated with:

  • obtain data necessary for the formation of a time stamp;
  • creating timestamps;
  • storage timestamp in separate files;
  • adding a time stamp of the message signed files;
  • verify digital signatures on the timestamp stored in separate files;
  • verify digital signatures on the timestamp included in the message signed files;
  • transmitting the generated time stamp users.