ID documents

“UnIT” offers comprehensive solutions to issue, manage and verify electronic documents, such as:

Documents produced in the form of a plastic card that contains a contactless electronic media — chip with the holder data: digital photograph, fingerprints and personal data, document number, date of issue, expiration date, and the electronic signature of the owner.

Modular system of manufacturing and control of ID documents consists of the following:

  • Complex for enrollment center, processing of biometric data;
  • Complex for registration and documentation;
  • Complex for document control

These  complexes can be combined in one place or be geographically separated, and interact via telecommunication channels, which allows to build a system of any size, from the region or the state, to the organization of admission to the particular enterprise.

Manufacturing and control system ID documents includes the following software products:

«UnIT» owns all of the resources for the development of biometric documents using microelectronic components and provides information storage and its maximum security, according to the requirements of international standards, including ICAO.