“UnIT” is a provider of trusted identity solutions providing citizens with various public and other services using a payment card. Software complex for Social ID provides for the issuance, transaction processing, identification and authentication of citizens, as well as a tool for analytics and reporting for government agencies.

The architecture of information-telecommunication system consists of:

Contact chip includes authentication, digital signature and its verification, allowing you to use the card for identification, as well as giving and receiving of e-services. Full integration with the transport infrastructure and urban systems.

The company has developed and implemented such information and telecommunication systems, such as:

On the basis of Social card card it is possible to:

  •  Development and implementation of social platform (network) users for personalized communication with both the city and state authorities (from the Mayor and Cabinet to city services) as well as with commercial partners;
  • The implementation of the principle of a single window on the portal for all administrative and municipal services;
  • Design, development and deployment of mobile applications for smartphones;
  • The introduction of online recording functionality to the doctor at all municipal clinics, electronic medical record, appointment and clearing of electronic medical prescriptions;
  • Development and implementation of a unified urban bonus program, the construction of the bonus processing and management.

Software for the People card provides the ability to rapidly expand social acceptance and use of the infrastructure of any city, institution or professional community.