Biometric Passport

Biometric documents (with electronic data storage device) make it possible to accurately identify a person. Its appearance is due to the need to enhance the security level of documents, prevent and combat illegal traffic.

They include biometric internal passport (ID-card), passport for traveling abroad, driver’s license, immigration card, and others.

Documents made in the form of a plastic card that contains a contactless electronic data storage device – chip with holder’s dataю.

The company “UNiT” has developed a system of production and control of biometric documents.

The system is modular and consists of the following complexes:

  • complex of registration and issue of documents;
  • center of data processing;
  • complex of document control.

At that, it is important to note that the mentioned complexes can be combined in one place or to be distant from one another and to interact via telecommunication channels.

Manufacturing and control system Passport for travelling a broad includes the following software products:

Advantages of biometric documents:

  • Increased level of national security and transparency of movement of people within the country and abroad.
  • Time reduction for serving of people with biometric documents – such an approach reduces the probability of human error made by a controller, time to identify and accelerates the control process (foe example, border control).
  • Provision of the required level of protection of citizens’ personal data – biometric chip has a high level of protection against forgery or any other violations. In case of loss or theft of biometric document, excludes the possibility of falsification of this document or its use of a bystander.

“UNiT” has all the resources to develop biometric documents using microelectronic components and provides information storage and its maximum security, according to international standards, including ICAO.