“UnIT” offers services in organization of reception of payments via credit cards and other online payment tools:

  • Payment gateway with intelligent routing of transactions for the reception of bank cards on the Internet;
  • Payment processing;
  • Transaction monitoring.


  • To help the trade and service companies to organize the reception of online payments, which will not only increase sales conversion, but also reduce the cost of acquiring;
  • Provide a safe and secure payment mechanism for cardholders making payment procedure for them simple and convenient.

Technical capabilities

  • Multi-acquiring – the ability to connect to an unlimited number of processing centers of banks-acquirers;
  • BIN-management – distribution of transactions across several banks to optimize the costs of Internet-acquiring, as well as to increase the proportion of successful operations;
  • Adapted interface of payment page – payment page (input of payment card details) can be adapted to the design of your service and stay on your URL – visually client does not leave the site to visit to a secure page of the bank processing;
  • Temporary blocking of the money on the client card (Preauthorization/Holding) – makes possible to block the funds on the card account of the payer for a period of 30 days;
  • Full and partial refunds – operations for purchase cancelation and return of funds to the card payer available as by the protocol, and through personal Personal Acccount;
  • Multi-functional Personal Account – the account of administrator enables to track online status of transactions, provides access to the building reports, statistics and detailed payment history;
  • Create bills – create electronic bills at the Dashboard and send customers a link to pay via e-mail or through any other messenger (online chat, skype, etc.);
  • Service maintenance and the creation of call-center – for individual tasks and needs it is possible to provide contact center services.

Advantages of payment solution

  • Easy and fast integration – our technicians provide all the necessary help and assistance while establishing connection;
  • Stable operation of the system – the payment gateway works flawlessly and maintains the flow of transactions around the clock;
  • High payments security – 3D Secure, intelligent system of transactions fraud-monitoring, PCI DSS certification;
  • Implementation and support service – free of charge;
  • Open pricing policy – the fees range from 2% to 3% and is determined on an individual basis, the commission is charged only on the amount of successful payments. We are always open to dialogue and, with increasing turnover, ready to revise the financial terms for the benefit of the partner;
  • Individual approach – we are ready to develop the individual scheme of cooperation and further develop this solution for the challenges ahead;
  • Support 24/7.

Contact us, and our manager will help make the connection process simple and easy:
tel. (044)591-19-86