“UNIT” is a developer and integrator of innovative technical solutions in the field of public healthcare. The main purpose of software products – automation of medical institutions of various organizational-legal forms and profiles, introduction of e-health services to the citizens.

“UNIT” implemented a system of  “Electronic card of patient medical research”, which includes:

  • a list of the necessary specialists, recommended the patient
  • the list of required analysis for the survey
  • conclusion of the attending doctor – on the basis of the diagnosis examinations relevant professionals (physician, internist, dermatologist, otolaryngologist, dentist, etc.).
  • test results and the ability to attach the result of x-rays
  • records of the bacteriological laboratory and other laboratories
  • a report on the work of the Commission orofessional medical examination

The advantages of electronic medical record:

  • the availability of complete necessary for the patient and doctor information;
  • Process Automation: logs, fence materials, laboratory, doctor consultations, diagnosis – quickly grouped in the system;
  • access to the data at any time, regardless of the physical place of stay of the patient or the doctor;
  • a list of clinics of medical institutions of the partner indicating the services, tariffs, conditions of contracts packets. Accordingly, the patient has the opportunity to choose the best option for his examinations and laboratory tests, doctor appointments, enroll online at their passage, the results are automatically credited to e-patient medical card.

 Components Systems’ electronic medical records “:

  •  Logbook (automatic information input from the patient’s medical record);
  • History of professional surveys: therapist, ENT, dermatologist, dentist, head of the medical examination, X-ray;
  • Magazines fences material: HIV, hepatitis, pathogenic stafilokok, syphilis, gynecological infections

The presence of the above mentioned components of the system facilitates rapid interaction doctor-patient clinic as well as the optimization of business processes in healthcare institutions, reduction of paper-based, user-friendly analysis and construction of the accounting system.

This system allows you to:

  • Generate reports to the doctor;
  • Create logs: accounting of infectious diseases, laboratory and radiological examinations;
  • Display fence materials;
  • The work of the laboratories: clinical, diagnostic, bacteriological, flyuorogrficheskie studies, radiological conclusion;
  • patient card;
  • Financial issues: the formation of invoices, reports, and other payment.