National operating system for smartcards

Usage of documents with integral circuit, under National software control, provides follow advantages in comparison with traditional (paper) documents:

  • Multifunctionality – possibility to use NSW data storage device for different types of documents;
  • Interoperability – capacity of documents to interoperate with different systems, including foreign systems;
  • Counterfeit protection – usage ofdocuments with integral micro schemes practically makes counterfeit impossible and fast counterfeit fact automated identification;
  • Protection against counterfeiting – the use of document with integrated circuits practically makes it impossible to forgery and rapid automated detection of the forgery fact;
  • Automatization – implementation of automation tools for all life cycles stages of documents: producing, personalization, issuing, checking andet-cetera;
  • Data capture protection– implementation of modern cryptographic algorithms which makes data capture impossible during data exchangesession between terminal and integrating circuit.

 Implementation of NSW allows realize follow types of documents

  • Passport of state citizen (ID-card);
  • Passport of state citizen for travelling abroad (biometrical foreign passport);
  • Driver license;
  • Vehicle registration certificate;
  • Other personal documents (IDs, travel documents and et-cetera).

NSW provides full compatibility with next types of modern integrated circuits used in documents, particularly: Infineon of SLE 78, NXP P5 and P60 series, SТ23 series Microelectronics.

NSW allows modification depending on:

  • Built-in memory capacity, provided to store applied software data;
  • Special software firmware version and hardware platform;
  • Type, function and assignment of document with integrated circuit. At this time, permanency of realization of requirements to cryptographictransformations and recorded data protection are provided.

NSW foresees storage capability in electronic storage device of the following data types:

  •  Applied software;
  • Personal (including biometric) document owner information;
  • Restricted data;
  • Data which is cryptographic transformation results.

According to ICAO standards, key certification center (KCC) is designed to form, issue and further service personal keys and open key certificates, also met the ICAO standards for provision of fixed time.