Graphic protective element

Graphic protective element (hereinafter – GPE) – two-dimensional matrix with encoded data, which performs the function of origin authentication of the physical media on which it is applied. GPE allows you to identify each physical medium and carry the information about him, his denomination or other information and, accordingly, to determine the authenticity (originality of origin) of the carrier.

Visually GPE is an image as a set of cells in two contrasting colors with the sensitivity of cells of one of the colors and the ability to copy a distortion for copying.

Graphic protective element contains information encoded in a machine-readable form, allowing you to quickly get data and identify the carrier by usage of mobile terminals of documents control (MTDC).

The basis of the system is Т&T code. Т&T code allows the protection and for tracking of excise goods. Carrier of Т&T code is a tax stamp. When marking Tax must be activated – linked its T&T code and information about the product to which it is applied. When you send and receive Tax stamps or goods it is necessary to log all T&T codes.

This product consists of two indivisible codes – GPE and QR:

Graphic protective element

  • Code for the protection of classified information.
  • Allows determining the authenticity of the Stamp.
  • Contains information about Stamp on which it applied.
  • Can be read with special device.
  • To read requires data from the QR-code.


  • Public or “transport code”
  • Contains unique information for each Stamp (series, number, etc.).
  • Easily identified by smartphone or other device.
  • Allows to specify the goods to which the Stamp is applied.
  • Used to simplify logistics and accounting procedures when moving excisable goods.

The unique properties of GPE allow the use of technology in various fields, for example for the production of:

  • Strict reporting blanks;
  • Excise Tax stamps;
  • Identity cards;
  • Medical products;
  • Control stamps;
  • Other physical media that require copy protection.