Stabilization and control system for WEAPONRY

Software for combat module is made as principally new weapon guidance system, which allows conducting a battle, to direct the fire from behind the cover and from several points synchronously. Module is mounted to light armored technics (such as CIV, APC, fast patrol boats and stationary fire points).

Universalism of module controlling system is that its functionality can be continual upgraded, adding new capabilities according to requirements. In future the system will allow combat data exchanging not only in units but also in all army scale.

Battle module controlling system is designed on modern element base which compliments with European military technics. It also can be installed on big and small modules, engines, weapons, stationary turrets for frontier units, APC, CIV, Hammers, Patrols, any fire points, it also allows connect other modules and signal systems.

Components quantity minimized that substantively makes its producing cheaper and allows making of combat vehicle turret significantly lower and less vulnerable for targeting.

Innovation provides observation of surrounding area, underwater and cost situation in day and night time, target auto tracking, angular coordinate’s measurements and range to hit elected target.