Weaponry stabilization and control module

Weaponry stabilization and control module – a new generation module. The newest processor element base in real-time allows to control and manage connected devices: different weapon types, optic-electronic modules, panels, monitors for outputting information and control. Any arms and any existing optoelectronic modules can be connected to the system, including the all-sky cameras.


  • Significantly increased frequencies of the signal transmission, speed control, reaction of weapons and stabilization accuracy;
  • New features – digital signal processing, target acquisition, target tracking and guidance, communication with the communication system to other modules, equipment, command post.

With the help of data transmitted from the Weaponry stabilization and control module the battle management system and decision-making to the command post is created.

Weaponry stabilization and control module uses the principles of stabilization used in Western Europe and NATO. Interfaces and data exchange protocols conform to industry European and American standards. Element base is chosen in such a way that is widespread and available for production, while providing the reliability, interchangeability and independence from a specific manufacturer, and maintainability.