UNIT LLC has notably expanded functionality of IDReaderUA and updated its design.

With the help of IDReaderUA software, now you can read information not only from the ID-card (internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine), but  from all documents: temporary residence permit, residence permit, citizen’s passport for traveling abroad, certificate of a crew member. UNIT has significantly expanded the functionality and completely redesigned the IDReaderUA design.

Except the abovementioned functions, using the updated software version you can do the following:

  • Read data using CAN, PIN or machine readable zone input;
  • Showing all records of registration and marital status, not just the last one;
  • Verification of registration and marital status with certificate of authorized person, who has entered this data;
  • Showing of information about the issuer of the document and personalization date.

Main hardware and software requirements for installing IDReaderUA::
• Personal computer (with parameters not lower than: Intel Core i3, RAM of at least 2 GB; external interface 2xUSB 2.0).

  • Contactless document reader supporting ISO 14443 (A / B).
  • Windows 7 or higher.
  • .Net Framework 4.6 or higher.

IDReaderUA is software intended for reading information from identification documents with a contactless electronic medium and storage of data for further automated processing as well as printing of read information.

You can find more about IDReaderUA here.