Two weeks ago, a project investor, UNIT, wrote an open letter to the mayor, expressing its astonishment, which was caused by an unexpected and unjustified unilateral decision to close the largest social project of the capital and the country in general, with over 1,5 million active users in Kyiv, which had been made without the investor’s consent. Unfortunately, the letter was ignored. 

Due to the actions of the city authorities, 1.5 million people – the Kyiv City Card (KCC) users, may find themselves left without the possibility to receive municipal services: in transport, when receiving discounts, subsidies, one-time and regular payments, with the monetization of benefits and in other cases as well.

The team at UNIT decided to act instead of just ignoring the issue. They wrote a second open letter to the mayor Vitaliy Klytschko, where they claimed to have been doing everything in their power to ensure, that the Kyiv City Card (KCC) users had access to all the services the KCC provided.  

Here is the original text of the appeal letter:


Open letter

To the Head of the Kyiv City State Administration

Vitaliy Klytschko


Dear Mr. Klytschko,

Two weeks ago, after learning from the media about the KCSA’s decision to close the Kyiv City Card (KCC) project, our company addressed you with an urgent open letter, asking to personally intervene in the situation revolving around the project. Unfortunately, we did not receive any response from you. 

Moreover, we have officially been asked to uninstall the ITC Kyiv City Card (KCC) software, which meant killing the project! This means that KCSA allegedly wants us to take this service from 1.5 million of Kyiv City Card (KCC) users, including those living in Kyiv and those, eligible for the respective city services and subsidies, all available for them thanks to the service. 

Dear mayor, with all due respect, we would like to abstain from taking part in this nonsense. As a socially responsible company, we will continue to support the service by all means necessary as well as to defend the interests of people in Kyiv. 

We can assure that the Kyiv City Card (KCC) will continue to work with transport, with receiving discounts, subsidies, regular and single-time payments as well as with the monetization of benefits and other municipal services. 

We are sure that such actions not only pose a threat to your reputation as a European mayor, but also to the image of the whole city. Such relations are indicative of the way you really treat the investors, as opposed to the image in the media.