The official mobile application has been released for the Kyiv city card service

UNIT has released the official mobile application for the Kyiv City Card service, now available for Android and iOS.

The application has 7 modules: Transport, Medicine, Education, Communal Services as well as Payments for the Services and the News section. The main novelty of the application, however, lies in the ability to communicate with the authorities. The built-in messenger allows the cardholders to directly contact the city administration representatives, such as the mayor, officials, deputies or the local building utilities administrator offices (also known as ZhEK). 

“It is a direct communication channel with the city administration for the Kyiv City Cardholders. Thanks to the fact, that each cardholder is identified in the system, the messenger allows the user to send messages to the city authorities directly, at the same time ensuring that they have been sent by real citizens. It is a messenger of sorts, which operates by the following principle: for example, you send a message to the Kyiv City Council (KyivRada) and suggest a quality of life improvements in your district of the city. This is a fine example of direct democracy in action, allowing the citizens to participate in the life of their city completely bureaucracy- and hassle-free.”said the Kyiv City Card project manager, Alina Maksymenko

After the system of e-tickets sale is implemented in the capital, the Kyiv City Card users will be able to buy public transport tickets in the form of a QR-code as well as track their travel history and receive discounts on the fares. 

The Medical module allows the user to literally make an appointment with a doctor in two clicks. The system identifies the person and a form will be automatically fill in right after. 

The Education module allows the parents to track when the child enters and leaves school and follow its transport route to and from home. To enable this feature, the parents just need to create a ‘Pupil’s card’ and link it with their Kyiv City Card. 

The Communal Services Module gathers information on your household bills and sends you a push-notification, reminding that the bills are ready, and await payment. You can pay all of them with a single click on your smartphone. 

The Payments for the Services Module allows the user to refill the phone, pay the bills for the Internet, television etc. 

“According to the studies and world practices, no other mobile application can boast of such a range of services in one place. There are only certain medical and transportation applications, which have been launched in Moscow, Dubai and other cities in the world” – said the Kyiv City Card project manager, Alina Maksymenko.

The Kyiv City Card allows the city authorities to directly communicate with the citizens, learn about their problems, needs and react in a prompt fashion, at the same time making it possible to engage the civic society in the city-building process. 

The Kyiv City Card is an instrument for gathering statistical and analytical data, which will allow to improve the work of the communal, administrative, medical and educational institutions in the city. Apart from that, the application helps to correctly plan the transportation needs by using a respective module and make the necessary administrative decisions, utilizing the data, gathered from the Kyiv City Card user base.